A Fashion Company with a Technology Soul

Deliver a frictionless user experience via website and apps that are beautiful, fast and engaging

Build best-in-class cross-platform e-commerce technology

Create product discovery and recommendations that get customers to the best product for them and for our inventory ROI


A Revolutionary Platform for Rental

Build logistics and utilization technology to be our competitive advantage

Create custom software to optimize every point of the rental cycle, from pricing to reservation to fulfillment, logistics, order service and reviews

Become the Amazon of Rental via technology that allows our customer to rent what she wants, when she wants it, for any occasion


The Center of Innovation within Rent the Runway


Enable rapid experimentation, iteration and learning

Cultivate a reputation in the tech community for innovation and entrepreneurial spirit

Foster a diverse team of engineers who feel ownership for the product and act as business leaders



The Technology department strives to challenge product-oriented problems across the boundaries of e-commerce, mobile, analytics and shipping/fulfillment. It utilizes data, engineering and algorithms to create a personalized website and an adaptive supply chain to fulfill its commitment to an amazing customer experience.



Data is an invaluable asset for making strategic decisions. At Rent the Runway, the Analytics team not only provides insights into the business through reporting on marketing, operations, and inventory but also informs new products through algorithms for best shipping practices, future demand, and predicting a customer's perfect dress.


Quality Assurance

The QA team is focused on thinking like its customers and helping the Product and Engineering teams build features that work well for internal and external customers. It is passionate about testing and ensuring a great user experience while working in a fun and talented environment.