RTR's Core Values

Core Value Award winners

Core Value Award winners

Lots of companies have Core Values, but at RTR we take them very seriously! We have at least two important ways that we keep ourselves focused on them to keep them real:

At our all-hands company meetings, we have the chance to get up in front of everyone and nominate someone for a Core Value Award - describing how that person did something that embodies a particular one of our Core Values!

On our Tech Team we have a software tool that allows us to award micro-bonuses to teammates, tagged with a particular Core Value (#cinderellaexperience)! These micro-bonuses are visible to the entire team, literally echoed in our team chat, and can be redeemed for cool things like gift cards and charitable donations!

So what are these awesome Core Values, you ask?!

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Rent the Runway's Core Values:

  1. Everyone deserves a Cinderella Experience!
  2. Dream big and go after it!
  3. Make the most with what you have…scrappiness is a virtue!
  4. Debating, honest conversations and collaborating make the company stronger!
  5. Happiness and positivity is a choice!
  6. Embrace the RTR family and bring your authentic self into the office each day!
  7. Bring your best intentions to everything and trust that others do the same!
  8. Adapt and learn from everything you do!
  9. Roll up your sleeves and get involved! Everyone should be accessible and involved with the day to day elements of RTR!
  10. We are all founders of Rent The Runway!

Tell us what you think of these! #honestcollaboration