Analysis Paralysis

     I was unaware of this phrase until a friend and colleague mentioned it to me but I was well aware of the symptom.  So many options and choices where do I start?  I suppose I'll come back to it later or even start on a different project with a more obvious starting line.  I believe everyone at one time or another has come across this syndrome and it might have even hindered their production. 

     Personally, I get through this barrier using some other idioms.  I 'jump right in with both feet', 'throw everything at it and see what sticks' and 'move fast and break things'.  Hesitation only makes me think more and when beginning something, that might not be the best way.  Sure, a well thought out plan is great but rarely does anything in my experience end up exactly the way it was planned.

     I believe just knowing the phrase 'Analysis Paralysis' is the first step in conquering the problem.  At least now I have something to search for while I am avoiding what I really need to do...